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09.24.2020 , 02:15 AM | #14
I can only speak from a T1/T2 Scouts perspective, as it's literally all I play.

-Rapids are still kind of in the gutter. They're stronger than before thanks to armor ignore, but still lacking in overall killing power. They do a good job of preventing shield regen if you can stay on target, but if you're even semi-accurate in a turning battle then BLC's blow them out of the water anyway.

Clusters I'm not so sure about. They have a short lock-on and ammo is plentiful, but it seems like any ship except a Scout just scoffs at their damage. More and more I'm finding that pods are overall more effective, particularly when it comes to jousting and popping/deroosting gunships (especially since the lock-on sound can scare a Gunship off before you can unload on them). But they don't pair well with the range and firing arc of BLC's, IMO. They're better suited to Lights.

Hence why I have my T1/T2 Scouts set up differently, T1 with Lights/Pods and maximum speed for jousting, attacking satellites and gunship popping, and T2 with BLC's/Clusters and maximum turning for dogfighting and satellite defense.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. Yeah, Rapids are better than they were before the revamp, but still nothing spectacular.

Sabotage Probe is junk as well. Too long of a lock-on time to be of any practical use.