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12.27.2016 , 06:30 AM | #5
Just a reminder,

The EOY GSF Party is today, 27th December, RepSide on The Progenitor (EU).

We'll be starting at around 20:00 UK Time and going on into the Night.

To join, just get in touch with one of the Vermillion Squadron Pilots via /who or the GSF Channel (/cjoin gsf)

Prizes will be distributed for remarkable performances (especially in Stock) via Nomination and Acclamation.
There'll also be a few Pop quizzes to test your Strafighter-Related Trivia.

Hopefully we'll see you there.

Cordially, Respectfully,

Baudran Amelion,
Commanding Officer, Vermillion Squadron.
Vermillion Squadron - The Progenitor

Iota Squadron - The Progenitor