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12.11.2019 , 06:32 AM | #18
Tough choice. I like almost all of them for different reasons. But for fighting, I probably like my merc the best. I like the running and gunning feel to him, the visuals, the voice, the armor, etc. It never gets old. With many of my characters (especially the melee ones) I kind of get tired of fighting trash mob after trash mob. But somehow I don't on my merc. Endless fighting just feels best on him.

That said, if I really was limited to only one character, I would have to choose a stealth character. They are just so useful in getting things done. Currently my favorite is the Concealment OP I just leveled and geared. He does crazy burst dps. Combined with the stealth, it doesn't even feel like fighting, it feels more like assassination. He is just a great 'get things done' character.

Although I hear sith assassins are the same thing (even better some say). So, once I level and gear one of them next, that may be my new "goto" character.
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