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Knowing how to do a speed run has almost nothing to do with knowing how to play your class effectively. Even when doing full clear content, you'll run into tanks that have no idea how to keep aggro, DPS that don't know how to interrupt or what the proper kill order is, and healers with no idea how to manage their resources.

Crappy players in good gear aren't a consequence of speed runs. They're a consequence of easy content providing good gear.
Most people level 1-50 solo and then start dipping their toes in lfg pugs. Chances are the other three people are proficient on all the fps. So they run the fp with the new guy tagging along showing all the tricks and short cuts. If all the fps are similar then that newb will never have the chance to learn the basics of group content. This is probably why lfg HM LI can be so hard. The newer people havent learned the basic because they were carried through tier 1 fps. Tier 1 is easy content now because people over gear it and know all the tricks.

If they are in good guilds then this should help those players. But if they are in weaker guilds or unguilded then the problem won't be fixed for them.

I'm not saying anyone should become babysitters. I'm saying this is how the game is today like it or not.
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