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Brandon: I would agree with you for the most part. Here's where our thoughts vary:

I don't think that Luke and Sidious would wipe the floor with Revan. Granted I think they'd beat him, but not like a landslide victory as you say. However, I think Revan could come pretty close with Sidious. That's all my OPINION. I don't think anyone has to agree with this specific thought of mine because it isn't supported by canon.

And I also think that using both sides of the force would be poweful as well as upredictable. But you've got to realize that he isn't using the passions of the dark side to their fullest. Revan is only using passions like love and compassion (this is canon 'cause it said so in the book). So it's not as contradictory as some may think.
Yes, Luke and Sidious would destroy him. Sidious' Lightning could atomize his opponents. It bent Mace Windu's Lightsaber. He could create Force storms in space that destroyed entire fleets.

Now imagine that power and multiply it by 200%. That's Luke Skywalker. He is what Anakin was supposed to be. The most powerful being to ever exist- that will ever exist. The master of the Light Side and the master of every Lightsaber form in the book. I respect your opinion, but when it comes to a debate such as this you must know the facts.

Compassion and Love are of the Light Side. Just a little food for thought.
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