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1: Are you kidding me? You can't prove that any of the named duelists are better Revan! Does it say anywhere specifically that these people are better then Revan? No! So please don't state it like it's fact. Yes, I would agree that SOME of the named duelists are better then Revan, but that is an opinion. If you can name where it said these people are better duelists then Revan I'll be shocked.

2: How do you know Revan didn't make up his own tactics? You have no proof of that either! And what if he did use Mando tactics? They worked! I'm not visiting this subject again because like I said earlier he was praised by a man who studied war his whole life. If you don't want to reckognize that fact, then I give up.

3: Again; where's your proof? Unless you can proove that Kreia's intentions where as you've stated, then we must take what she said literally.

4: This whole canon thing is an impossible debate. I'm choosing to see the Revan novel as fact, and you aren't. Did Lucas say himself (and I don't mean through a character in a book) that it's impossible to use both sides of the force? I think not. I think he (and other writers) said that it is impossible through characters. If this is so, then it means nothing. If Luke Skywalker said that it was impossible to use both light and dark sides of the force, does that mean it is? No! It means it's impossible to the best of his knowledge, which is veryh different. Luke isn't all knowing, no one is. Did it ever occur to you that Revan may have figured something out that none of the other characters have been able to comprehend?

5: I've already said why your logic for why Malgus is stronger fthen Revan is flawed. Look back at my example and explain it. I'm not even saying that Malgus isn't stronger, but I am saying that the game XP system doesn't proove it.

I'd appreciate it if you listed you opinions as opinions rather then facts.

6: Once again, I'm not saying Revan is all powerful. I AM saying that he's far better then the push over you guys make him out to be. Seriously, do you think that Ki-Adi-Mundi could beat Revan? I'd like to know what canon sources (if any) lead you to this crazy conclusion.
1. It's canon. Everything backs it up. Mace Windu beat Sidious in a Lightsaber duel. Hence Mace Windu is one of the greatest Lightsaber duelists ever. And many of the people that I have named are equivalent to his skill or better. Yoda is probably the second most powerful Jedi ever. If not he makes a great case for third. Name why? GL said that the PT era is the best. Now the NJO is because of Luke.

2. Yes I understand that Revan won the war and I respect him for it. However, you are saying that he created his own tactics that completely outwitted the Mandalorians.

3. We can't prove what she said is true or false. Because she lies. The entire game was one big lie created by Kreia. We only know that she wanted to destroy the Force and that Meetra Surik is her greatest student.

4. George has stated it multiple times. As BrandonSM said here and in many other threads. (Nice shout out I think )

5. I am NOT talking about XP I'm talking about story. When Kallig and the other classes face Malgus they are at full power. Not because of the level system, but because of the events in the story. At the end of Act 3, Kallig has absorbed multiple ghosts that have increased his power exponentially. So since Kallig didn't have those ghosts during the Revan fight, it stands to reason that Malgus is stronger. I'm going to say it again. The events of the story dictate that Malgus is more powerful than Revan. So that is fact. Not opinion because the class stories are canon. Read what I have posted and you'll see.

6. Yes, Ki-Adi Mundi could beat Revan. He was a senior member of the Jedi Council which is the most powerful collection of masters ever seen. I do not make out to be a push-over, but compared to PT and NJO Jedi and Sith, he is a push-over. It's canon. No wait... it's G-Canon.

Now let's take a minute to chill out.
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