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And claiming it is just a temporary phenomenon (i.e "FotM") flies in the face of the fact that some of those classes have been worthless in PvP for a full YEAR.
I'm not claiming that it's a temporary phenomenon. I'm saying it's a persistent problem when balancing PvP: there are simply too many additional variables compared to what is required to balance for PvE that it's almost impossible to account for all of the factors and create something balanced in both PvP and PvE. As such, because all of those variables are next to impossible to quantify and balance around while still preserving PvE performance, it's simply a truth that you have to accept as a hard core PvPer: some classes and specs are just not viable. The only game I know of that did a good job of maintaining PvP balance between classes was Guild Wars, and that was pretty much only because they restricted you to a tiny set of abilities that you could use (5, iirc) at any one time. In any game where you have more than a tiny set of abilities to use at a time, you're going to have classes that fall to the wayside in PvP because they're balanced for PvE (or, if PvP is the primary concern, you'll end up with classes worthless for PvE).

PvP and PvE are just completely different games and, as such, you just have to deal with some problems: TOR is designed and balanced more with PvE in mind than PvP (yes, some changes get made for PvP's sake, but not with the same level of importance as PvE considerations). There will *always* be some classes and specs that just have no place in PvP.
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