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I agree on the Twi'lek breeding out the human features could hold true as well. I also agree Kalig could be an alien or have alien descendants.

Not sure I agree on the "Sure, why not. It's fantasy, so it's okay, if I think it's cool." route tho A rule is set, then the rule is changed for the basis of "Well, I want something unique." does not make for a good universe story. By that token, I may as well say, well, I want Goku in my Star Wars universe, so let's do it! We'll add some transformers too, they're aliens and space faring anyways, so it makes sense! Oh, they can transform into their own space ship!
Except a rule is not set. It's kept deliberately vague over the game (and the franchise, it seems), with some characters saying this while others say that, with the writers not making it clear who is right. Sure, Vette and Jorgin say adoption is the only way, but you haven't addressed Ashara wanting kids even though she was originally written to be part of a mixed race romance by default.

Then there's the Abaron at the Academy (which the Sith Inquisitor encounters), who says how Sith (pureboods, at least) are descended from "a race of crimson conquerors," but "they mingled with slaves" until the bloodline became so diluted "over the eons" that "the red markings of the Sith" are mostly gone even among those (humans) with Sith blood. If that's not hard canon proof of some aliens x humans successfully breeding in this game's interpretation of the Star Wars universe, I don't know what is.

Hell, a non-Sith pureblood Inquisitor can tell him, "And what about me? I'm not from a Sith family!" which becomes dramatic irony for the player once we learn that you actually are descended from a powerful Sith family--that of Kallig. And the writers did make a handful of (fairly lore-friendly) alien races available from the start (without Legacy unlocks), which include instances of characters acknowledging your alien status. Heck, a Twi'lek Inquisitor who tries to claim Kallig's mask through right of inheritance gets told by another Sith character, "Ha! A twi'lek slave? The only thing you'll inherit is a slave collar!" The writers wouldn't have bothered to include that line if they thought Twi'lek Inquisitor wasn't "canon."

You used hyperbole to misconstrue my meaning. I'm not saying, "It's fiction, so anything goes! We can break the rules of the universe however we want, whenever we want!" Of course one should abide by the hard-set rules (or lack of rules) of fictional reality. To coin a colloquial term of unknown origin, "The difference between reality and fiction is that fiction has to make sense."

However, in the case of Star Wars (and this game) there are often many writers with many different ideas of what goes and what doesn't, what's possible and what's not. In the case of humanoid alien x human breeding, it doesn't seem to be a fast and hard rule that all writers agree upon across the board. Within this game, whether it's possible or not doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule that the writers make clear across every aspect of the game. Sometimes they even leave it deliberately vague (like if you play an alien with a human love interest the writers didn't opt to include a line where they suggest adoption instead of having kids the traditional way, or nor if you play an alien Sith Inquisitor did they confirm Kallig's race and whether it's the same as the Sith Inquisitor). If they're going to keep this aspect of the universe somewhat up for player interpretation, then I'll take that writer-given freedom to interpret this aspect of the universe (though with limits--you're not going to hear me say, "Yeah! Wookie x human offspring is TOTALLY possible, because why not!" I'll keep it to extremely humanoid races like human x miraluka, Mirialan x Rattataki, etc.), and not be told that my interpretation is somehow wrong or less canon than another player's interpretation based on arbitrary reasons.

So... as I keep saying, I still think the Sith Inquisitor is the one class where any race is feasible. Only extremely humanoid aliens are playable, and Kallig is clearly a humanoid but his race is not strictly confirmed. Whether humanoid alien x human offspring is possible also seems to be vaguely and inconsistently alluded to in the game, so why not? What's more, Kallig died at least a thousand years ago, and a lot can change in that time. His descendents could eventually move to Republic space, "mingle" with other races, get re-captured and enslaved by the Empire, and ended up on Korriban. The opening scrawl even implies that you were one of many slaves who was taken captive during the Sith's invasion of the Republic, so even the "light side" races (Miriluka, Mirialan, etc) would arguably be more feasible for a Sith Inquisitor than a Rattataki or Sith Pureblood on Tython (though I wouldn't argue that's strictly impossible either).