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I have some more questions . thanks all for answering
1. I am level 12 now but don't remember increasing my stats. how does it work? do things like aim, endurance automatically go up?

it mostly goes up as you train your skills and increase your gear.

2. how does looting in flashpoints work? lets say enemy mob is dead, who gets the loot?

mostly depends on how the group leader has it set up, by default it's setup to round robin and green items for green items or better. In round robin once the item being looted is of high enough lvl you get a pop up screen showing the item and 3 (4) options. the 3 options keys at the bottom of the screen are (from L-R) are need, greed,and dissasemble. (dissasemble will not always be available), the 4th option is to close the screen completely which would be to pass on the item. once you close that screen you are no longer able to compete for that item. the basic ettiquette is to only 'need' on items that you can use for the character you are playing on, and not for your companions. so if your playing as an assasin you shouldn't need on equipment with aim to give to khem. If you can't use the item but would still like it if no one else does then you greed. If you don't care about the item you can just pass.

The group leader can change the lvl at which the conversation window pops up from to be with greens or betters, blues or better, etc. So for example if the cuttoff limit is for blue items or higher, any green items or lower will be picked up by whoever loots them first regardless of what it is. everyone gets the credits though.

The other one that's sometimes used is masterlooter. With masterlooter the group leader gets all the items and then is responsible to distribute them to the group. people who are interested in the gear do an in game roll by typing /roll in the chat window and it'll generate a random number from 1 to 100. The winner gets the gear.

3. I have this vip band but i don't know what its doing, is there some place it opens up?

The VIP band is for access to get into the upper area of the fleet. when you go to the cantina part of the fleet you'll see the elevators and you'll be able to get up into it. There's a vendor for vip people but it only has 1 speeder that's 2.5mil credits, we were supposed to get more gear but so far nothing.

4. do you have to be on the imperial fleet to go to flashpoints. I figures you can queue up from the planet as well

you can but for most people it's easier to queue up from the fleet, plus you can pick up the mission story line from the fleet