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03.16.2012 , 08:14 AM | #2
It is more confusing than that. I was able to RE my first scattergun that I choose to try it on. So naturally I suspected nothing when I leveled up and tried to RE the next higher level of scattergun.

I know random is random and one can have very bad luck for a while so I kept plugging away at it, 165 attempts later I find this post of yours. I'm all for avoiding spoiling our game experience and the rich story-driven content of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I'm all for explorative game play, the mystery of it all and the joy of finding out. But all the resources and time that it took me to make 165 scatterguns is spoiling my game experience and the rich story-driven content of Star Wars: The Old Republic is called into question with this inconsistency. And no one from SWTOR is willing to either confirm or deny the status of reengineering of scatterguns. (RE ticket ID 4411266)

I KNOW for a fact that to say that no scattergun is able to be RE'ed is FALSE, since I've RE'ed one from green quality to blue quality. So what is the deal? The game said I could RE green crafted items into better blue, etc. I expect the game to follow the rules it established, anything less feels like I am being cheated. I am not going to spend my time or money to be cheated. I will not tolerate being treated this way. So either pony up to the bar and say that they can, or they can't, or some can and some can't, and here is the list. Establish the rules!