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This is most likely the issue. I think BW and EA realized a while ago they screwed this game up to much and are going to lose out. My guess is they will milk what they can, do as little development as possible and shut everything down once they have made their money back.....if they do.

This is the only explanation left as to why they have taken the course of action they have.
^This pretty much calls it, I mean look at all the updates since the big population drop off, they have been poorly tested if at all, game breaking bugs, class nerfs that made some classes useless in pvp or pve (if you can even get into end content or get a WZ to pop). Almost every patch since the pop drop has had the forums full of people talking about CTD; FPS; or lag. The stuff on the Cartel Market that they said would not be a Pay to Win market, well that failed too, Grade 7 upgrades for the ship for cheap, while the crafted ones take end contact to get materials, FP to get the coms to buy the schems, or at least PVP to RE mats out of WH gear. Not to mention the flood of speeders, orange gear, and weapons... Is there any point to craft anymore at all?