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you obviously don't know much about the australian internet he'd probably have a good modem and isp but the australian net speed is bad i have a expensive lap top and a wireless-N 300mbs+ and i only get 200-300 ms on an american server but 27ms on an aussie one if you don't know try not to open your mouth and make youself look stupid

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Get yourself a better ISP or replace a new boardband modem might help?

I don't live in Australia, I live in Hong Kong. My ping to Aus servers is around 160ms~180ms, my ping to US servers is around 150ms~170ms.

I can't believe you have 600ms~800ms from Aus to US, seriously?? You are talking like you live in third world with using a 28k modem.... I heard someone from Thailand still can manage with 350ms, twice as fast as yours. Hell 350ms is already very close to "unplayable". LOL, please don't fool me I don't think connection to US is that bad from Aus.