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Personally I would love to see a ship stronghold. Similar to the guild ship just smaller and designed as a player base of operations/home. Something you can move to different planets (i.e. the view out the window changes, and you have the option to exit to that planet when you leave). The mechanics for both of these are already in the game. I would also love to see a hanger with your personal starship docked in it...which you can go on and leave if you want.

I know some people will say "then we wouldn't need guild ships". But that is not true. You still need guild ships for conquest, for group summons, for a huge place to gather or do events, etc. Plus, few people will ever be involved in decorating a guild ship (it is usually just the GM and a few officers that do all of it).

In fact, I would love to see two type of personal ship strongholds. A warship (corvette), and a luxury ship (hutt style). Just think of all the decoration packs BW could sell on the Cartel Market. And, many of the decorations they design could be used to decorate guild ships as well. So, it would be a money maker for them as well.

It just makes sense that such a hero as your character becomes would have command (ownership) of a larger ship than just his personal craft. Heck, you could even make it part of the story. I.e. when you finish rise of the hutt cartel you gain access to purchase the hutt luxury ship stronghold. When you finish KOTFE you gain access to a warship stronghold.

A personal ship stronghold just seems the next logical step to me. We already have a good variety of planet-side strongholds. We already have most of the tools developed to make it (guild ships, views of different planets, instant planet travel, environments that can be modified and re-textured, etc.). It is something that would need new decorations (so cartel market transactions and purchase of cartel coins for BW). It is something different. It makes sense to the story. And, I think a lot of people would like a ship stronghold (i.e. a larger ship they can decorate). And, a corvette would be about the right size of a stronghold (i.e nar shadda, manaan stronghold size...maybe even a little bigger).
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