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I'm still going to have to disagree with you on this.

I've tried the PvP ground game. I've talked to players about strategies and experience and other than getting a free set of recruit gear, I've never really own a single set of PvP gear on any of my characters. Even when I've been bolstered, I've still had more experience players completely wreck my character. The reason they wrecked me is that they had more experience and more skill, they knew how to use their abilities to exploit my cooldowns and take me out. The only times I ever felt like I was improving where when I asked another player for advice. Being able to take more damage didn't help me at all, it just meant the other team and players had to devote a little more time to burn me down than they normally did.

It's the same thing in GSF. A new player with his health and stats padded is still not going to know any of the skills needed to fight and survive. He may have more hull and shields, but he's not going to understand why his lasers didn't do any damage to that evasion scout, or why his missile hit that charge plating bomber and only did 8 damage. Being able to eat a little more damage than normal doesn't actually teach them anything about the game.

As for the baby in lebron james body analogy...well, having lebron's body means physically in theory he'd be able to keep up and compete with the rest of the team...but he doesn't know anything about the game or how its played. The only way he's going to learn and improve is by getting lessons from his coach or teammates. The game is far more than just physically being able to keep up with his teammates, physically being able to keep up with them doesn't mean anything if he doesn't know how to dribble, block, shoot or pass.

...weird analogy...
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