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So, Despon, I can ask a 5th time because I'm patient.

Why do MMOs implement a Bolster system in PvP and in some PvE? Why do they do that? Can you, without bringing up your guide, answer me that question? If you cannot, or simply cannot read, I can attempt another way to try to communicate with you. I have Skype. I know sign language. I can even ask in German. However you want me to make it easier, I can comply. I'm done discussing this with you until you can answer me that question.
1st point: they may add it to make things easier, but lets all face the facts. Bolster in ground PvP doesn't do anything you still get slaughtered.

2nd point: Experience will always triumph over a bolstered player it is pointless in this case.

3rd point: Desponn is correct. What BW needs to do is add a better tutorial so new players can get used to the controls and get a better handle on how GSF works, so when you step into the matches you'll know the basics. With that being said experience will still win, but you won't be walking through the door knowing absolutely nothing about what your getting into.
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