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Iiezl, I don't have an answer for why Bolster is ever implemented in a ground game. Hell, I don't even understand the purpose of separate PvP gear or stats, I would much rather see players just have to use one set of gear and just deal with that.

I am however firmly in the belief that a bolster system will not work in GSF because a bolster will not actually teach them anything about the combat. Unlike the ground game, where when you tab to your target and all of your attacks home in on them, GSF is incredibly dependent on how well you can keep your crosshairs on the lead indicator, and how well you can keep that enemy lead indicator focused in the center of your screen so that you have the most accuracy. Missiles are dependent upon keeping a target in small faintly visible circle inside another circle until you can get a lock and release (and even then your missiles might not hit if they use a missile break).

A bolster would pad their stats, make them a little tougher, live longer etc. But it doesn't actually teach a new player the skills to fight or survive. It wont teach them about tracking penalties or missile breaks, it won't teach them about evasion or armor or the importance of crew skills. Without these skills their still going to die to the veterans and aces of GSF and not understand why or what happened.

In my opinion, the best thing Devs could do for new players is to expand and improve upon the existing Tutorial so that it covers more of the gameplay and information; to teach them the skills they need, not just how to fire their lasers with the left mouse button.
Cynfor, I appreciate your comment and agree that the tutorial is lacking.

However, the point of the Bolster would be to allow the new players to live longer. They can't practice too well in the tutorial. A live game is the only real practice they will have. I'm not suggesting a permanent bolster, but a limited bolster that self-removes over A. time played B. kills made C. requisition gained. The idea would be so that they could live longer and practice more rather than die 7 times and ragequit--never to queue again.

Every single one of us has had the game in which we were on a team of eight 5-shippers versus eight 2-shippers. Not one of us has ever thought, "Oh my God. This is going to be a wipe fest. They're all Aces in disguise."

The GSF community is great, with small exceptions, because everyone is helpful and considerate. Let us acknowledge the possibility that it can include in-game, too.