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Back in SWG JTL days, the place to find the best pilots was on the Starsider Galaxy. With the introduction of GSF into SWTOR, the question now is which server will you find the most skilled pilots. These are the people you want to get with to learn to fly effectively, and also where to find coordinated teams to dominate.

For pilots on all servers, who are serious and are all about GSF and twitch-based space combat, Pot5 is the server to be on. You won't find such a strong pilot community on any other server. Premades are unavoidable, so getting into a good one will help you tremendously and your best chance to find quality pilots to group with are on Prophecy of the Five.... both Imperial and Republic

Oh, if you que into a match against Imperial Death Squadron, take your licks, keep at it, and get better. Don't get all butt-hurt. Instead, gear your ship to your style of play, and come back at us...

See you in the que
Keggr - Pot5 [Def Squad] Imperial GSF Pilot / BH