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I'm glad we're having this debate, truly. I'm realizing there are more ways to use proton torpedoes but I stand by my guide, to truly maximize their effectiveness while maintaining battlefield awareness and survivability they are best used at range. I would not gunship hunt in a strike fighter they're too vulnerable to be out on their own in the middle of space behind the heavy fighting where gunships are lurking. Also, I'm sure you can 1-shot a gunship point-blank and yes a point-blank kill with protorps is fun but T1 & T2 scouts are much better at this job than any strike fighter, they have the killing power and the ability to survive. I just don't understand why you would charge at an enemy to release a missile point-blank and risk heavy exposure to achieve it when you get the same results from 3 times further that's roughly 80% of all weapons not aimed at you. As for the gunship vulnerability, yes you can be targeted easier but you can't be 1-shotted by a GS in a strike and I'm not dumb enough to sit there and be shot again. I strive for a 10-1 kill/death ratio in all ships and I just can't see a strike fighter that has to fly three times further increasing exposure and burning up engine power not getting chewed up more.

As for missile speed, at range, it is a huge factor perhaps your play style doesn't make it as noticeable.
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