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I guess I just don't understand the logic behind choosing protorps for short to mid-range combat vrs concussion missiles. The only advantage protorps have over concussion missiles other than range is shield piercing. You get more concussion missiles, a shorter re-load time, a shorter lock-on time and a huge targeting reticle compared to protorps. All these factors make concussion much more viable at mid- to short-range.
Just try the point blank proton play style for a while and it should make a little more sense to you. The strength in a proton is the same strength of BLC and Slug it is insane burst damage. Something you left off you guide is that proton critical hits are the only thing the game that can one shot not only scouts, but gunships as well. They don't just have shield piercing they have armor piercing also thus they do (True) damage that can not be reduced.

Also in the close range proton game play if you are using a T2 which I assume you are since you said switch missiles when you are close range. It is not necessarily a choice between concussion and proton. You can use both and bait missile breaks with the concussion. If you want to try this style you will need to emphasize arc, reload, ammo and what most leave out, speed on your thrusters or engine or both because obviously closing the gap quickly is key. It also allows you to get out quickly. I have found that QCS is mandatory for this style though because of the boosting involved. It is also way more fun than the missile turret style