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Are you saying you shoot down satellite defenses with protorps? Are you saying you run this Imperium build all the time or just to take satellites during domination matches? My way you can run protorps on any fighter and in any situation. Your way is only on a specialty build in certain circumstances and I'm the one who's wrong? I would love to see your build at work in a death match, how can you chase down anything for close range protorps in an Imperium? Besides if you're chasing everything to close range how are you supporting your team with repair probes? If you are shooting down satellite defences with protorps then I'd rethink that, you have 8 torpedoes and you wasted 3 to take a satellite and 1 or 2 more on a bomber?
You obviously missed my point. How can you actually be of any use on an Imperium if you can't fight in the middle of your team... With your use of torpedoes I would be sitting 7-10km behind my team, totally useless beyond a threatening lock-on with no actual threat. Your build is so specialized in long range combat you end up being useless as soon as the combat come close to you. My way is actually allowing you to run protorp if you so wish on the Quell and the Rycer.. It is definately less powerful on a Rycer since you're missing the Ion Cluster combo.. It is viable on a Quell tho. Your build is viable on only ONE ship. The Quell. And it's only because the Quell can actually field dangerous close range weaponry. No other ship can use a torpedo with such a small arc without becoming useless where 60% of fights happens (at 15 km and under 3km). Between.... If you target people who already used their lock..... You have two situations... Either it wn't be back before the torpedo lands or it will. The speed boost reduce this time but raise the lock-on time by making it way easier to get out of your arc. And launched at 10km.. Your speeded up Protorp can still be outrunned just long enough to get a breaker back up. Remember most ships have an average of 12s between locks (only with higher is the Rycer (15s), Quell (20s), Dustmaker (20s))... More than enough to neuter your Protorp.

At 10km you are an easy target for any gunship. The closer you get, the harder it gets to actually pin you down with a railgun.

Where did I said I was taking turrets out with torpedoes? You shouldn't do that (except during the 10km - > 5km phase where you can't do anything else) Anyway, even Quad will destroy a turret before you get a full lock with a Protorp. My point is way more about either being in range for fighting effectively on a sat and not being so far away the enemy can just hide and cap. Or being so far from the sat, an Ion rail would leave neutered and dead-to-be.
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