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02.22.2014 , 12:32 PM | #14
To clarify for one responder, it is definitely not an activated defensive ability. You can see when those things happen and it's just not that. It also happens on all types of ships, even bombers who have no way of actively breaking lock.

As for lag, I agree with the guy who said "why is lock breaking when I can still hit with blasters?" That makes sense. Also, there are no other indicators of lag (i.e. jumping ships at these times). Furthermore, I just have to think that even if it IS caused by lag, if it's such a frequent problem for so many people, the mechanic simply needs to be changed somewhat if they can't do anything about the lag.

It's just too frustrating to repeatedly lose lock (for no good reason) and have to start over from scratch, when your windows of opportunity are generally so small, especially against good pilots. And of course it essentially nerfs any ships that use lock-on weapons.