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10.06.2014 , 12:12 PM | #2
OK, given that I am participating in this Kaggath not only will Aurbere be arbitrating but my powers will be diminished.

To remind everyone of what that entails, I'll post the relevant section from the Rulebook here:
Anyway I solemnly swear not to bribe Aurbere with Wookieeookies blah blah blah, lets move on to important notes:

  • The Malevolence does not possess its ion cannon, consider it a non-superweapon variant.

  • Karadron's SpecForce Troopers consists of SpaceOps, Pathfinders, Urban Combat Specialists, Wilderness Fighters and Heavy Weapons Specialists divided into equal parts i.e 128 troopers per regiment.

And that's basically it, I would note though that although I don't have arbiter powers I'm still around to be consulting on the rules and what not, so fire away. However game changing decisions are entirely in Aurbere's hand.

Unless I decided to Rule 66 him.

EDIT: Map of Ord Mantell below.