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Five things make tank shadow/sin so OP

- all build key benefits place at low tier
- retardedly easy rotation (it's even not a rotation, it's look like strafe and spam spam spam...)
- tone of damage in tank stance and free resource management
- 3nd CC breaker on short CD and overall best escape mechanics
- and last, plenty of control abilities (2 stun, mezz, slow, force pull/wave/lift 0_o)

overal best soloing and party class
best in 1v1 counter
best in 1v2 counter
maybe 1v3...

it is clear that that jugg/PT is 1/2 of what have sin
Key skills, maybe, are they so good, or are 7 tier skill so crap so ppl have to do hybrids to make AC a killer?
Not many full tank 31/x/x builds for juggs there. PT maybe.
rotation, yes, it is simple. not much synergy, most instant, but far not simplest out there.
tone of damage in 0/27/14 yes, but that's not a tank spec. total damage for 31/x/x or 23/x/x may be high, but there is no burts, they won't kill a rabbit with that.
3 cc breakers? force shroud (1 min) is dots remover, force speed is slow/root remover (20 sec), and a proper cc breaker (2min)
yes, utility is nice, out of combat spike (deception tree has it's own short stun on short cd), usual 4 sec stun, pull (needs target not to white bar), slow (only good if specced tho), push, and 1 out of combat mez + incombat mez on 2 sec (instanc if specced) cast.

1vs2/3 - you must thing of anni marauders. and no, killing 2 muppets doesnt count. bad players who panic and get easly killed doesnt make class op.

edit: to be fair, only reason why I'm defending tank tree and utility (aka tank) hybrid build, is becose if they nerf it, more ppl wil go deception and madness hybrids, and world will burn. (it's like with Maras and Juggs, buffed rage, slight nerf to other trees, and we have derp smash massacre)
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