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Most important thing to note about Space: MUNIFICENT's SUCK.

So bad.

Like.... really really bad. A single venator could take out 8, which is believe it or not more than beni's current compliment. Dreadnaughts are a far superior Vessel and would eat a munificent for breakfast.

On the other side of things, the Malevolence is a beast of a warship. I'd estimate about 600-700 batteries in total, Ion canons however would likely be a minimum, because of it's primary weapon. This leave's the ship a bit off on the Capital ship to Capital ship firepower, and Beni's fleet does indeed lack Ion weaponry, but to be honest the diversity isnt much and probably wont make much of a difference.

The Malevolence has some incredible forward firepower, if that ship bears down on something it won't last long. This splits Karadron's forces into either picking apart Munificents and retreating, to later attack the malevolence (The ***** is slow) or Ganging on the Malevolence and hoping to come out on top.

The Chimaera would at least provide a valid distraction.

The Escort carrier is a good source of fighters though won't make a difference in the Light ship to Light ship battle, Karadron comes out on top.

The Recusants and Nebula's would be a good match up, but the superior design of the Nebula I feel would allow them to come out on top here. Combine this with the fact that Recusants don't have a good track record with large fleet battles (many collisions) I think the Heavy Capital ships fall to Karadron too. The malevolence however will be the deciding factor here.

All the fighters are pretty average, so I'm going to go ahead and just skip those.

Tacticians wise, the Galactic Alliance stomps. No offence Beni, but grevious sucked. His idea of strategy was throwing ships, in the style of "More. MORE. MORE. MORRREEE... MOOOOAAARRRRR" hoping to overcome his enemies. Pellaeon and Garm Bel Iblis would eat him alive.

Again though, Malevolence. And Grevious knows his fleet, it's weaknesses, and he's not adverse to leading his own boarding parties...
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