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Round One:

1. Jedi. However if an option I might lean more towards a Grey Jedi.

2. Possibly Alderaan / Corellia as they match the climate of where I've grown up.

3. Single Hilt , Yellow & mostly Makashi (while often throwing off opponents be it through turning the lightsaber on and off unpredictably).

4. Human. However, I'm quite fond of the Chiss as well.

5. X-70B PHANTOM. I love the design, being a luxurious/capable fighting ship with stealth.

6. Revan.

7. Windu/Darth Marth / Revan (Yes again lol)

8. Darth Blinci (Blinci stands for: "A kind of thin russian pancake" lmfao)

9. ROTS & Rogue One (If Spinoffs count).

10. TFA (Can't accept it when put right beside Legends).

11. Sentinels (A fanfic I'm soon to write around the time just prior to KoTFE involving my OC the Sentinel being stranded in a different galaxy, turning out to be that of the Star Wars galaxy).

12. Episode I (Duel of Fates) & Rogue One (Your Father Would Be Proud).

13. No. However I would be down to get a Revan statue.

14. Thrawn Trilogy. Hands down.

15. Luke Skywalker's endless line of descendants (waaaayyyy too many).

16. A tough question with many answers.... someone's heart and soul put towards creating a masterpiece of a fictional galaxy, one so deep you can not just picture but genuinely believe that in a galaxy far far away it's there.. It truly exists..


Revan or Meetra?


If you could belong to any Era of Jedi/Sith orders, which would you belong to and why?
Mandalorians Wars (idk)

If you could belong to any Non-Force Sensitive order, which'd you pick and why.... And yes, simply being a
smuggler counts

If you could have ONE ship, which'd you pick? Any class.
X-70B PHANTOM (Did I mention I was in love with this vehicle)

Favorite Star wars animal?
Wampa (It's just a lonely creature that wants a hug.)

Favorite Character?
Obi-Wan (His sass meter is over 9000)

Favorite Jedi?
See Above

Favorite Sith?

Favorite Non-Force dude?
Theron Shan

If you could change one thing in Galactic History, what would you change?
Fives successfully exposing Palpatine (assuming that afterwards the war would be basically done, the Jedi would actually focus on being actual good people blah blah blah).

If Malgus' Sith Empire had survived the False Emperor storyline, what do you think would have happened? Would he have won the war? Would you have joined him?

While I wouldn't say he would win, I can say he would bring the Republic to the breaking point and like Thrawn (Legends) have something tear it all apart. If I was Sith I would've considered joining him.

Do you think Darth was originally intended to be Darth Vader's first name? (always bugged me)
Possibly a Surname yes.

Which blaster would you wield, if you did? Or you A Vibroblades guy?
Custom Assault Cannon/Rifle mix

Pre-TPM or Post ROTJ?
Pre TPM. Always been more intrested in Republic rather than Rebels.

Favorite Clone Wars episode.
Umbara arc. Gritty war arc with a unique planet, species and weapons. Kinda like a WW2/Vietnam reimagined where Rex would disrespect a traitorous Frog.

Your favorite Star Wars scene.
Main Series: Rogue One Sacrifices scene followed up by Vader's hallway scene.
The Clone Wars: Satine's tragic death scene

Funniest moment.
The Clone Wars:

Saddest moment
Saga: Order 66.
TCW: 99. NINETY NINE!! *Sniff*

Favorite quote
"You are strong and wise, Anakin, and I am very proud of you. I have trained you since you were a small boy. I have taught you everything I know, and you have become a far greater Jedi than I could ever hope to be."

Favourite Actor
Ewan McGregor. Needs... a... solo... MOVIE!

]Favourite Voice Actor
James Earl Jones

Favourite Lightsaber Duel
Darth Sideous v.s Maul/Savage

Favourite Lightsaber Hilt

You can master any one Force power or technique, which would you pick?
Force Ghost

If not Jedi or Sith, which Order of Force users would you join?
Zakuul (Loyal to the people)

What is your favorite music track from the movies?
Rogue One

If you were part of the Star Wars universe, who would you want as a rival and why?

If you were part of the Star Wars universe, who would you want as an ally and why?
Admiral Ackbar. So I would always know if what I'm walking into is a Trap.
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