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Why the hell are you yelling? You think that's going to get me to agree with you? Nope.

It's not just they aren't the EU fans' Star Wars, but Disney threw away 30+ years of lore and a loyal fanbase that kept interest in Star Wars alive between trilogies like it was nothing. They weren't even worth the consideration or even a thanks. Disney then flouts the source material as if they created Star Wars and the EU, cannibalizing and corrupting elements from it as if this was a universe without any pre-established rules and laws.

The EU may be a patchwork of loosely connected, sometimes downright nonsensical stories, but many of those stories are rich because the writers respected the source material and the elements introduced in them contributed to the greater whole of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Some of them are even excellent. That is its strength as well as its weakness. It is the reason why a game like SWTOR is rich in its own lore and continues that tradition. It stands on the shoulders of its predecessors. I will take the EU over the disorganized "plane that crashed into ship, that caused that ship to run aground, that caused a trainwreck, that caused a 50-car pileup" that is Disney Star Wars any day.

Disney's Star Wars is inferior to the EU in every way, in spite of the EU's faults. Disney thinks they can create something as good as the OT, PT, and EU, and they've been dead wrong and will continue to be dead wrong. It is nearly impossible to capture lightning in a bottle twice.

New players unfamiliar with the EU were coming to SWTOR because Disney Star Wars generated interest in the game, not because they put references to it in a conversation or two or started making CM weapons and outfits that referenced it. That's just a knee-jerk reaction from EA. And if the atrocity to art that is Disney Star Wars never existed, there would be some element of the EU that would've drawn them to the game. They come here and stay here because the game is a fount of Star Wars content. It doesn't need the Mouse ramming itself in to draw new players.

No, it's not [overused Mandalorian meme]. This game doesn't need Disney fanon references jammed in to survive. The EU is rich with lore. It stands on its own. It was doing fine without them.
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