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03.03.2014 , 08:16 PM | #14
I have to agree with a few posts on here.. i have played countless times GSF, and i would say 95% of the battles are unbalanced one way or the other.. Now i don't consider "ships" meaning that you have nay more skill at playing this then i do , you spent CTs or the like and good for you you got a shiny new ship.

But the skill level is outrageous. Now when i play on my Main account, i do ok , not great, but ok , but because the "elo?" or whatever is used for matchmaking is carried across my legacy , when i start a char and go , sure ill go into GSF with you .. i get hosed, My basic ships, with no upgrades are qued against guys who 1 shot you continually , or people who have the skill and teamwork to keep a near constant missile lock on you.

I am all for the teamwork aspect, and Sat missions are fun, but i think that death match should be removed until you have at least 1 ship mastered, putting a basic ship against someone with a fully upgraded one, isn't so much as skill as it is luck . IF they get a lock , your screwed, IF they get a shot off with that Gunship , your screwed

Basically what people are saying is , if you weren't here at the start, enjoy your re-spawn and 100/10 ship/fleet req, until you can get something rolling.

On a side note. .HOW are people showing up with JUST one ship? I have seen many people who have ONLY a bomber, or ONLY a scout, ect, is there a way to sell your ships and get Fleet Req or something i dont know about?

as well any tips for trying to survive out there are welcome, thanks.