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Those that I hope to read this have the ability to check my account and verify that I'm telling the truth.

I've really tried to keep my chin up about this game. Been subscribed since launch. Leveled all 8 classes to 50 just to see the story. Still play every day. Furthermore I have spent over a hundred dollars each month on cartel items, mostly packs. I don't cry on the forums or otherwise cause trouble. I've defended this game to all my friends while watching my guild dwindle. I am the guy you want to keep playing this game.

Now for the third month in a row you release nothing but re-skinned items on the cartel market. With the minor exception of one or two uber-rare items that, despite purchasing hundreds of dollars in packs each month, have yet to drop for me. I have been able to purchase these items from other players with in-game credits so this is not a QQ thread about not getting what I want.

This thread is about the realization I've had about the Cartel Market and the game moving forward. I think I can honestly say that I've supported the Cartel Market enthusiastically. But, re-skins just aren't doing it for me anymore. And then to find out there will be no class story in the expansion. The best thing about this game is the Story and it seems you've given up on it.

I imagine by now you've stopped reading so I'll sum up. I am your key demo and you are losing me. I'm not here to piss and moan but I really think you should take a good hard look at key demo feedback not just those who cry the loudest. If the expansion is 90% re-skins of what's already in the game... I don't see myself subscribing for much longer.
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