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I totally agree with you. That was one of the big things about this era, making it my favorite in SW, the sith empire fighting the republic. Sure you get a few encounters when leveling up, but nothing on the scale of what it should be.
I'm a completionist - not for pets or Vehicles, but for missions (what can I say, I really like doing every single mission at least once, it's my primary focus in SWTOR). As a result I've noticed just how prevelant the Dread Masters are: Belsavis, Imperials are on the planet to free them and Republic are there to try and retake the prison and restore order. The Eternity Vault - the same bombing run that started the Imperial attempt to free them freed Soa (so in trying to free one imprisoned evil we freed another even older evil... cliché but I like it). Karagga's Palace, he turned on everyone because the DMs invaded his space and he thought it was us. Explosive Content they took control of Kephess. Terror from Beyond they're trying to "Sow Fear." And in [Scum & Villainy] they're recruiting the Hutt Cartel and the Geohardian and we have to kill them (I thought I already killed the Geoharidan as Revan). So after that there's 1 more Operation and then we finally end them on [Lethon/Rakata Prime].

2 more Operations and we can get a new main enemy - please make it Revan. Please, Please, Please *crosses fingers*

Note: Anything in brackets is datamined content.
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