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Is there any chance that we could see the end to the Dread Masters.

As much fun as it is


It feels like its played itself out now and it would be good to get back to the galactic civil war that is raging. For a star wars game there seems to be very little of the wars in it at the moment (with space as it is little of stars either) with most the recent enemies being mad scientists and their rakghoul plagues, gree and their aquisitions race, same faction pvp warzones, no open world warzones, corrupt Correllians, Dreadmaster stooges, Dreadmasters hypergates and now Dreadmasters guards.

So would it be possible to see more in the way of Imperial vs Republic. The war is ment to have started and it would be good for this to be something tied to end game and brought to the fore. Rather than Republic and Imperials constantly joining forces against a common foe.
I totally agree with you. That was one of the big things about this era, making it my favorite in SW, the sith empire fighting the republic. Sure you get a few encounters when leveling up, but nothing on the scale of what it should be.
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