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The negative responses are in big numbers. To paraphrase the QnA, they will move forward towards stories that involve more galactic matters. Stories that revolve around the conflict between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.

To quote Vox_mortis from DarthHater (comments section of the Q&A):

I can clarify on this one a bit. They are indeed moving away from stories such as the one where your character is shaped; i.e., your climb to 50. Rest assured that your character will still remain center stage in some pretty epic confrontations, and the story on Makeb is really just incredible. So, from what I've discussed with them, it just means that your characters formative years are over; now is the time when you become a living legend.
I completely understand that the stories need to evolve. The first few chapters form your character. You get to make your first choices that will define the personality of your character. To reference to the Imperial Agent Storyline (spoiler): In the first chapter you solve an internal Imperial conflict. It is barely related to the Cold War with the republic and the scale of the 'problem' that you solve in chapter 1 is (in my opinion) small compared to the galactic Empire-Republic conflict.

To continue, the personal storyquests all do have in common that you more or less help the allegiance you are on. Whether you are digging up Sith relics or infiltrating terrorist cells, you still help the Empire/Republic. What I think made the personal class storyquests so successful besides good story, is the fact that the missions you have to undertake revolve around the interests and background of your class.

When I am playing my Sith Inquisitor and I go to Makeb, I want to do Sith bussiness there. Of course, I want to resolve the problem in Makeb, but I want to do that from a Sith perspective. Likewise, when I go to Makeb on my IA, I want to do something like infiltrate the Hutt cartel. Propose myself as a mercenary wishing to aid the Hutt's cause for some money--destroying the Hutt cartel from within and do what my character does best; deception and cunning. Perhaps they could make a part of the story the same for everyone, but make several bits of it unique per class so that it fits the role you are playing in the Empire/Republic

While every class solves the same problem in Makeb (unlike the first three chapters, where each class solves unique problems), the telling of the story should still be different enough to the point where my Sith Warrior feels like the Emperor's Wrath and my IA feel like Cypher Nine--Instead of both feeling like the same 'Soldier of the Empire'.

To sum up, because I really babbled on; I think they can still make a story that fits the scale of the Cold War. Since every class had their unique 'shape your character' storyline through chapter 1-3, it would only make sense to evolve towards epic Galactic wide story progression. That means that chapter 4+ has a lot more in common between classes. But I hope and I think they should still add bits and pieces where each class solves the problem differently. An IA should defeat Jaburo (The Hutt leader, can be misspelled) through cunning. A Trooper should defeat Jaburo through tactics. A Sith inquisitor shoud defeat Jaburo through power. A Smuggler should defeat Jaburo through interest for his purse.

I am still not sure if I made really clear how I think of the approach, because I really do want the story to be amazing and more importantly, MORE AMAZING than the previous chapters.

I do not know what Makeb has in store for us. But I know I LOVED the personal class story quests, because the missions I undertook reflected on the role I play in the Empire/Republic. The planetary questchains were most of the time simply not as amazing because no matter what class I played them through, I was merely a pawn of the Empire/Republic. I am going to hold my judgement until I experience the Makeb story myself, and will anxiously await.
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