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03.09.2020 , 12:05 AM | #2
This is a limitation of matchmaker. In an ideal world, you would be able to alter loadouts until matchmaker pops, at which point they would be loaded in. It seems likely that there's a bunch of pressure on the back end of matchmaker with this layout, however, as every time you changed anything about your loadout, it would have to take that into account- as your matchmaking takes into account your most mastered ship. Likely as a result of this, you can't change anything from queueing forward. Possibly they will add this feature at some point: I have my doubts. There's probably some kind of denial-of-queue-pop "attack" that malicious souls would engage in, even if there was no exploitation possible (aka, queue all stock ships, swap in a mastered one at time X, which seems dumb but I promise some would do it).

If you could change loadouts after queue pop, however, things would be even worse- in that world you would quickly throw in your domination or death match bar by asking your teammates (what, you don't have teammates in voice? well then double screw you, under this system!).

Here's what you should be able to do before the queue pops: you should be able to change your crew and change to upgrades of the same upgrade level or less (ex: if you queued with mastered slug railgun, you could change to mastered plasma). You should be able to change which component talents are selected. You should also be able to change your ground game specialization and talents. These things don't affect your matchmaking level dynamically. You should lose this ability once the queue pops. But we don't have this, likely because it uses the same logic as the ground game lockout.
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