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I have to disagree here though, Revan was a better naval tactician that Surik, that is why he was put in charge of the Republic Fleet. Surik one many battles yes (though Dxun was a ground battle) but she did not win wars, just like Nek she was a cog and we don't really have any evidence that suggests she was ingenious in her strategies.

I'd say that there is more proof that suggests Nek is the better tactician.
On my phone so this is the only thing I can reply to:

You misunderstand. Revan was given the fleet, yes. He was the better tactician, agreed. But when it came to handling actual ship vs ship combat, Surik was his superior. She commanded more of the fleet than Revan and Nalak combined, and actually held just as much loyalty. It was the reason Revan and Malak used Malachor in attempt to either turn her or kill her, she had as much of the fleet in her power (Though they were all killed) and everyone idolised her. Her invasion of Dxun was the turning point of the war, a master class in tactics and morale boosting.

And whilst yes I agree that Surik has never actively used battle meditation, she's shown the ability to use it, perhaps even drawing off the manipulation of bonds. When leading her fleets she was a force to be reckoned with, Revan and Malak needed her corrupted or dead in order to stand a chance. Now you could of course put that down to tactical genius, but I don't think so. Atris theorised, and it seems likely, that Revan and Malak abandoned her when marching to the outer rim because she had cut herself off from the force.

This made them somehow believe she wasn't worth it to them anymore, and she would not pose a threat. In my mind this is because her brilliance in fleet warfare was down to force bonds and a subliminal form of Battle Meditation.

Though I accept that this is my theory, and if no one else sees it as plausible I won't hound it's acceptance here.
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