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[QUOTE=DarthKatt;5648947]A note to those that want to be arrogant *****s just due to the fact that you have multiple 50's.... it doesn't mean you know everything about those classes... for those that aren't *****s, this doesn't apply to you.

Dealt with a ***** who was a Sentinal, tanking HM False Emp and since that person saw that my heal speced commando was near full ammo when the first boss knocked them off and the 2 DPS ditched the group I get told that my heals sucked because my ammo was full..... So I told them that only 2 heals use ammo and he'd know that if he ever played a healing commando. They then replied that they have a 50 merc and 50 commando. I snickered and promptly put them on ignore.

Moral of the story, know your **** before you start to blame others for failing especially when my heals kept the group up when your 2 melee dps didn't know when to get away from the big attack....[/

You play your class and let us play ours