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That would be rather cool and a nice way to bring customization to your character. I'd like to add that it would only be for you in PvP areas, that way those of us who already have enough issues with color (like me, I wouldn't be able to tell the color of my lightsabre half the time if it didn't say what it was on the crystal,) can just go "Oh, blue, he's a Rep, oh, red, he's an Imp."
Firstly, I'm sorry that you have some problem with colors, but guessing by blue/red doesn't help when fighting its own faction, does it ? Having customization can help in this situation. The same goes when two snipers/gunslinger are fighting you and you want to sort them because one of them is strong and the other one is lacking something...

I don't personally consider this as a need, but if I'm given the possibilty to customize my cover shield on my Sniper, I'd go for a blue, not in order to imitate Gunslingers but because I don't imagine force fields and shields otherwise than blue (I can consider white).