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Yeah, I really wish the ship droids could use a pistol. It would keep him from stupidly running into melee and punching the mobs.
The ship droids are such dorks that if you did give them a pistol... they would probably just run up to melee range and use it as a hammer anyways.

But giving the bolt bucket the benefit of the doubt that he would use a blaster as a blaster.... I'm not sure I want that bucket of bolts armed and in my ship at the same time. He'll probably shoot my eye out everytime I come on board... "hello Master"... <BANG!> ... "oh my! Master, I seem to have made a terrible mess.... I'll clean that up right away Master"

I would prefer that we could arm them with can openers and let players duel droid vs droid. Winner gets to keep the tuna inside the can.
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