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And when I try to find a solution - there is no solution. 8 years, players themselves try to invent crutches to just play ths video 8 years and still actual. Any1 know how it fix?

and yes, i write in technical support, but they advise to reinstall the game or click on recovery in the launcher. And yes, I did it, it didnít help. But I noticed that if I play on the integrated video card, then there is no problem. No graphics, no problems
Umm, I watched the Youtube video and I still don't know what problem you're talking about.
If it's about the over-sensitive mouse turning, I think the fix for that amounts to turn the Camera sensitivity (in Preferences) all the way up and then back down or maybe vice versa.
Also, having a good mousepad that's designed for laser mice helps a lot.

If the problems go away when you use the integrated graphics, then it's most likely that your graphics card and/or drivers are the problem. Do you have the latest driver for your graphic card?

Beyond that, a little more clarity about what problems you're having would help us** to help you.

** By us, I mean the people posting on the forums, not BW/EA support.
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