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Just saying you sound like every Star Wars purest ever. Things change. Are the Disney items EA has inserted into the game a cash grab? Absolutely. But so is that Lando outfit they made recently, so is that sick glowing commando set they made, so is...etc...

Personally, the EU turned me off to Star Wars because it was a jumbled up mess of, in my opinion, fanfic. At least Disney has the opportunity to bring this all together and learn from their mistakes with the newest trilogy. They have the power to tie everything together with TV series and their own stories. And I believe they will. They've already hinted that the 2020's will be for Star Wars. So, just try to be optimistic.

This is the way.

also, caps don't always mean "yelling".
Off-topic, but there was already a Lando outfit: Arkan, the guy from Bounty Week.

Disney has had the opportunity and squandered it. They have the power to ruin things too and spades. They literally had all the ingredients, all the building blocks to add to something great, and what did they do, swung a wrecking ball and brought the whole house down.

Not everything needs to be tied together. Not everything is worth tying together.

You know this is not the way.

You want to stop arguing, because you're never going to change my mind.
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