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A leader needs to know their own strengths and weaknesses and one who ignores theirs is always going to be defeated because they refuse to take responsibility to see it. be it overconfidence or simply because they were too trusting which are both on the same side of the same coin: a lack of concern. Palpantine didn't heed enough caution and paid for it where he was blind.

so we are arguing about the same thing and agree that he didn't heed enough caution towards his own weaknesses. With that stated i'm gonna shut this down and let the other posters get this thread back on track.
Agreed on both counts !!

That said: you're not really off too far discussing Palpatine since he is making a come back. To what end none of us are certain. His influence / control is probably similar as Snokes. Therefore, it can easily be theorized that what is shown on the trailer as "Dark Rey" could easily be from an experience similar to Dagobah (with Luke) or a "vision influenced by Palpatine".

In either case: understanding Palpatine is not too far OT... but could be if not carefully guided back to it's original intent for subject discussion.

OH.. last note for a bit: I did move the new trailer carefully frame by frame where the close ups were clear enough.. And I did NOT notice the "Sith eyes" that are typically present with the Emperor, Anakin Snooke etc.. etc !

edit: I really wasn't trying to sound argumentative. You present some very valid and interesting points.