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I agree up to a point...

I realize that it is jut my take on the personality of Palpatine… BUT IMO... his success and his ability to "foresee" the future made him careless and he believed that he was invincible. (The same way that Snook did). Palpatine believed that he had foreseen Luke as his new apprentice and was (supposedly) more powerful than his father: Anakin. And just after Luke defeats Vedar.. and the line right after Luke refuses to kill his father Anakin (at the instruction of the Palpatine …)

" If you will not be turned .. then you will be destroyed..."

And that famous line "You will pay for your lack of vision". Palpatine did not think it was possible for Luke to survive the encounter...

Palpatine believed that he could not be destroyed. IMO... that is why he makes a return in the next movie.

In other words.. I agree with everything else, except the emperors attitude... Which (IMO) was one of overconfidence as he really did believe that he had foreseen so much that he already knew the outcome. He really believe that he could not be defeated.
A leader needs to know their own strengths and weaknesses and one who ignores theirs is always going to be defeated because they refuse to take responsibility to see it. be it overconfidence or simply because they were too trusting which are both on the same side of the same coin: a lack of concern. Palpantine didn't heed enough caution and paid for it where he was blind.

so we are arguing about the same thing and agree that he didn't heed enough caution towards his own weaknesses. With that stated i'm gonna shut this down and let the other posters get this thread back on track.