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I don't believe he truely hated the Jedi, i think that was more an easier excuse to swallow than admitting he hated himself for being not only so weak in the knees regarding love, but he allowed himself to be twisted up so much like that and after what he did and realised he became a monster after being sealed inside that suit, he started feeding off that fear and hatred of himself that he got used to it by blaming others for his own failure as a means of coping with the situation until he finally came to terms with himself by saving Luke from the one being who poisoned his body, mind and soul that whole time and eventuually used his own weakness of love as a strength for once and saw his way out.

It is ironic in what drove anakin insane is what helped him remember he was a good person, so driven was he by his passion and his empathy. It was always there, it never left him even when he did go to the dark side, by showing genuine concern for Luke numerous times through the films.

Sidious was way too trusting for a Sith, he either didn't care or didn't consider his apprentice Vader much of a threat because he believed his apprentice had enough fear in him that he couldn't strike his master. That was his biggest mistake, arrogance or not, it seems Sidious didn't learn everything about being a Sith, and key to being a sith is having a healthy amount of paranoia because people are trying to kill the Sith for being a Sith.
I agree up to a point...

I realize that it is jut my take on the personality of Palpatine… BUT IMO... his success and his ability to "foresee" the future made him careless and he believed that he was invincible. (The same way that Snook did). Palpatine believed that he had foreseen Luke as his new apprentice and was (supposedly) more powerful than his father: Anakin. And just after Luke defeats Vedar.. and the line right after Luke refuses to kill his father Anakin (at the instruction of the Palpatine …)

" If you will not be turned .. then you will be destroyed..."

And that famous line "You will pay for your lack of vision". Palpatine did not think it was possible for Luke to survive the encounter...

Palpatine believed that he could not be destroyed. IMO... that is why he makes a return in the next movie.

In other words.. I agree with everything else, except the emperors attitude... Which (IMO) was one of overconfidence as he really did believe that he had foreseen so much that he already knew the outcome. He really believe that he could not be defeated.