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I have come to see this as a longer lasting process.
Yoda's confrontation with the Wills in clone wars, specifically the 'you are the beast and the beast is you' makes me think more of a process lasting centuries (all the way back to Darth Bane) besides Lucas has affirmed, and especially SWTOR players who have an 'example of a less corrupt republic - (sort of) that most of the prequel jedi's are made to be seen as arrogant or not a '100% hero material'. basically most of them aren't the good guys, its a tragedy in the making and all involved are culpable to a degree. Palpatine does, imo, accelerate a lot the process by providing military jobs to most jedi yes, but this has happened before without in itself 'blinding the high council to the force'
I'm only going by what was said by Yoda in the clone wars, that the darkness permiates everything and they can't see much of what is going on. they are worried by what it all means, but i believe they have been more blinded by the darkside than they are willing to accept or admit to. These Jedi in this era are proud but stupid, they fight but not having the information they need on hand, it will get them killed knowing little to nothing of their foes. Of course, when order 66 was enacted, Yoda must of sensed the darkside consuming everything at that point, like that fog i've mentioned was just above his head until it landed on the ground and he started walking around in that fog not knowing where he was going.