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The Jedi couldn't sense the emperor because the darkness in the force had in effect blinded the Jedi from seeing much in the force. If Sidious had managed this, it almost certainly would of involved his previous apprentice Tyrannus before he was beheaded. The clones all had these biological chips in their heads which could of caused a sort of background hum in the force, much like static, only it is dark side static if you get where i am coming from? So the Kaminoans are complicit in this as much as Tyrannus and Sidious. the CIS forces have spread death and devastation everywhere as well with those droid armies, this contributes to the darkness across the galaxy. You also have Sidious playing games from behind closed doors and wondering how CiS forces are able to intercept Republic forces at times.

If you can imagine it, it would be like a very low laying thick fog in the morning with the sun beating down, but you can't see anything past your hands, and you have ear plugs in your ears and the sunlight is making it difficult to see where you are going in this fog, you feel neurally cold because of the fog is emcompassing you. it is something like that, the Jedi aren't aware of what they are sensing, they know something is out there but can't do much better than that.