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* During the first part of the story there are eight unique class-based "main" stories. Troopers cannot play the Jedi Knight story, for example.
* On each of the planets you visit for those stories, there are a host of missions that are tied to your chosen faction (Republic or Empire). Smugglers cannot play the Empire faction missions.
* Some planets are limited to one faction.

But OP should *consider* playing at least a few alts (specifically seven) because:
* The individual stories have many different choices, and those choices are of the "once you've chosen, you cannot choose something else on that character" type.
* Some aspects of the stories are tied to whether your character is male or female.
* There are bonuses that you can get if you complete at least the "class" stories on al eight classes. These bonuses apply to all your characters.
* If you like crafting, and you want to train in all the crafting skills, you'll need at least six characters, since any one character can only train one crafting skill.
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