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ACtions speak louder than words...

Just a question to all the APAC: Anyone feels that they want to transfer out to the US servers instead?

Reason why I'm asking is because this recent event has shown that BW either doesn't care for the APAC servers (the more likely option), or are simply too incompetent to deal with it.

So if there's enough pressure from the ground for server transfers, we might just get it.

Just to get a feel: This ever struck anyone's mind?
From what I read here:

It sounds like they have technical constrain, resource constrain, or they are working on paid transfer; therefore no more free transfer will be offered.

As I suggest in an earlier reply to this thread, I still think it is highly possible that EA is looking at relocating the APAC server to another more asia-friendly physical location. Consider the potential market in China, they may even talking to authority in China, so people don't need to play the game via proxy.