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I'm hearing different stories from players in my guild. One is reporting server populations of 250+ during off peak hours (and that is more than double Dalborra's PEAK period) and ping fluctuates between 200-250 without a proxy... Of course this referring to the mega servers....

Yea as in they need to transfer literally out entire accounts over if they are going to default on the promise of keeping the APAC servers well and alive
Not to be rude, but where did they promise to keep our servers healthy?
And even a transfer of all my toons over to a US server won't honestly help matters alot.
I've actually been doing alot of thinking recently, and with me nearing the end of the story pillar (4 pubs to max, and with 4 imps about halfway) I really can't see a massive drawcard anymore aside from the IP.

I play to end game pve, and while the fights are nice there just isn't the...... Longevity that I've grown accustomed too.Don't take that the wrong way, the fights are really fun the first few times, but after kill 4+ they lose alot of the luster.