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I have to say Coruscant couldn't be a better choice for Nek to play in.

I see this being simple, he uses the long-range mode of the six Venators to cause damage on the enemy fleet before it even gets in range.

The Acclamators field their starfighters first and the Venators follow, having learned the mistake of the previous Kaggath match, the security of the Venators will be a large priority, once deployed the Starfighter screen of Crossfires will immediately overwhelm any enemy fighters.

CF-9 Crossfires are stated to be one of the fastest designs produced in the last three centuries, being able to completely dominate due to speed, the great asset here is that these fighters will simply be too quick to counter effectively with anything but X-wings at a distance.

The TwinTails however will shine, they can soak enormous amounts of damage and still continue, not to mention their firepower is stated to be freighter level and speed incredible, the X-Wings are simply the un-evolved predecessor by comparison.

Then we have the effects of Battle Meditation, amped by the nexus in the Sacred Spire, ttscis nexus should dramatically increase the standard effect and give Nek's fleet a prime advantage, it should even over-power the less powerful effects Meetra Surik's Battle Meditation may or may not have in the battle.

Once Starfighter dominance is assured, then the Ionizers come into effect:

"The Mon Calamari hate nothing more than an Ion weapon, Ion weaponry is the one thing they've never cracked and that is why our fleet will take an advantage." - Daala

Ion Bombs on the scale that the Ionizers can drop should prove an extreme advantage over the Viscount, Ion weapons have been shown to bypass shielding and this is something the Viscount just cannot afford to lose.

This however is not the only way to take down that vessel the Imperious, itself heavily shielded (it tanked a 1,000 turbolasers before it's shields began to falter), could prove a severe severe thorn in the battlecruiser's side, when combined with the Ionizer's weaponry, the mighty beast might be slain after all, especially with those Gravity Mines.

However the Acclamators may be the key in this affair, 1300 Proton Torpedoes is probably a sure fire way of blowing that over-sized tortoise to pieces.

If the mighty beast can be dropped then the rest of the battle should prove to be elementary for Nek.
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