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1) Jedi or Sith?


2) Favorite Worlds?

Dantooine, Myrkr, Zeltros, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, Kamino, Belsavis, Manaan, Naboo, Taris

3) Type of lightsaber, Lightsaber color and fighting style?

Two blades, both green, Niman

4) Favorite Species?

Zeltron, Nautolan, Clawdite, Shi'ido, Droids

5) Favorite vehicle?


6) If you were a Jedi which master would you want?

Kit Fisto

7) If you were a Sith which master would you want?

Starkiller (so hawt)

8) If you were a Sith, then what would your "Darth" Name Be?

Darth Invidia

9) Favorite Film?

Episode 6, Return of the Jedi

10) Least favorite film?

Episode 1, The Phantom Menace

11) If you could write your own Star Wars novel, what would it be about?

The criminal underworld. And droids.

12) Which film has your favorite soundtrack?

Episode 1, Duel of the Fates

13) Do you collect figures?

Not really.

14) In your opinion, what is the best thing about the EU?

The Old Republic Era

15) In your opinion, what are the worst things about the EU?

Post-RoTS Era/Grandmaster Luke

16) What Does Star Wars mean to you?

An escape from reality to a world much more enthralling than the one I usually have to put up with.

Why the kriff is there no droid-related question on here?????

For the record, I actually didn't read anyone's before doing this. It turns out we all just like a lot of the same stuff.

Canino, you and me are the same person. I'm like 99% positive.
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