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A few questions, courtesy of Jensarai, Yarael Poof and his fan...
I thought it'd be nice for us to answer together, looking at each others opinions and see what we agree on and disagree on....

1)Jedi or Sith?

2) Favorite Worlds?

3) Type of lightsaber, Lightsaber color and fighting style?

4)Favorite Species?

5)Favorite vehicle?

6)If you were a Jedi which master would you want?

7)If you were a Sith which master would you want?

8)If you were a Sith, then what would your "Darth" Name Be?

9)Favorite Film?

10)Least favorite film?

11)If you could write your own Star Wars novel, what would it be about?

12)Which film has your favorite soundtrack?

13)Do you collect figures?

14)In your opinion, what is the best thing about the EU?

15)In your opinion, what are the worst things about the EU?

16)What Does Star Wars mean to you?
1. Jedi

2. Hapes, Dathomir

3. dual phase lightsaber, Cyan color crystal, Djem So

4. If I had to choose something other then human than probably miralukan

5. ULAV I like speed with my vehicles

6. Luke

7. Bane

8. Darth Melodious

9. if you mean star wars film then most of the time I say 6 but sometimes I just feel like 5 is better its hard for to decide if you mean overall.... I cant really awnser because it fluctuates all the time.

10. The Last Airbender for taking one of the greatest shows of all time and destroying everything that was good about it, if you mean star wars then AotC because the mixed messages from the love story side of it was akward and the least well handle of anything in the star wars movies.

11. Ben Skywalker growing up, the oldest we have seen him is 18 its about time we saw more of him.

12. again if star wars then probably episode 1 or episode 5 if something else then that is way to hard to call to much good music out there.

13. Star wars yes..... other wise..... yes I have a few but I don't really collect any more so I guess since this is a do I collect right now the awnser should be no.

14. Continueing the story for me the best thing is I get to see what happened next and as well as loving some of the ideas that came before. The wonderful thing about the star wars universe is its vast enough that you can litteraly do any kind of story and the EU just keeps making it bigger making more stories possible

15. I don't know if I really have something in the EU I hate just sometimes hate the reaction to some of it. Or sometimes how it can be poorly handled, but for the most part I love the EU.

16. A world (universe) of adventure and possibility where both technology and mystical energy fields both exsist in perfect harmony, where big guns and robots exsist but so does the samurai or the fencer holding his own right along side more advanced tech. A place where literally anything that can be thought up can exsist.