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1) Q: Jedi or Sith?
A: Sith, it's just so much more fun!

2) Q: Favorite Worlds?
A: Myrkr or Mandalore really a toss-up here.

3) Q:Type of lightsaber, Lightsaber color and fighting style?
A: Jar Kai, emerald, Juyo/Vaapad

4) Q: Favorite Species?
A: Chiss

5) Q:Favorite vehicle?
A: SPHA-T, While I disliked episode 2 the scenes with these things were epic.

6) Q: If you were a Jedi which master would you want?
A: Master Mace Windu (I'd love to try Vaapad)

7) Q: If you were a Sith which master would you want?
A: Darth Cadeus (esoteric abilities ftw. Though questionable morality... but what else does one expect from a Sith?)

8) Q: If you were a Sith, then what would your "Darth" Name Be?
A: Darth Neith (Irish god of war for those wondering)

9) Q: Favorite Film?
A: Episode VI

10) Q: Least favorite film?
A: Episode II (ugh, the lack of chemistry in the love scenes and the lack of real action till the end should have been handled better, as it was I got bored.

11) Q: If you could write your own Star Wars novel, what would it be about?
A: Mandalorians (duh )

12) Q: Which film has your favorite soundtrack?
A: Episode I (Duel of Fates, Maul VS Qui-gon and Kenobi was just so epic) Episode IV comes a very close second.

13) No

14) Q: In your opinion, what is the best thing about the EU?
A: toss up between Mandalorians and Mara Jade . (Cipher 9's story as I played it is up there as well)

15)Q: In your opinion, what are the worst things about the EU?
A:Hippie Mandos far and away. I could live with the thousands of other offences I have if they purged this one.

16) Q: What does Star Wars mean to you?
A:Well, it is an exciting, ever evolving universe where anything is possible. It combines mysticism and technology into a galaxy of opportunities. Heroes and Villains as well as everyday people forced into extreme circumstances duke it out in massive battles over ideology and morality resulting in tests that result in amazing storytelling with dynamic characters. It is a playground for everyone to enjoy as they strap in, find a story, and take off on their own adventure. To me SW means a playground for the imagination, an escape from reality, and a whole galaxy to enjoy.
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